Banks — Goddess (Deluxe)

Jillian Banks, known professionally as BANKS, released her first album this September into the expanse of anticipation surrounding her relative unfamiliarity with the mainstream. BANKS toured alongside The Weeknd for the better part of last year, drawing comparisons to the indie side of R&B with her sultry alternative style and electronic sound.

A clouded veil of mystery surrounded this artist, who has been releasing very few songs throughout the past year. For a relatively new artist, an expansive remix library has been accumulating on Soundcloud, many of which are directly listed on the official BANKS artist page.

It is incredibly refreshing to hear music of this caliber in this genre from a young female artist. BANKS has the potential to make it as a standard in the alternative R&B crossover genre, her music is dark and poetic in a inspirational way that flows perfectly from one track to the next.

Not only is BANKS creating music, she is also featured in a Coach advertising campaign set to premiere in the beginning of November, both in stores and in print. This is a testament to the impending popular culture reception of BANKS; she is successfully infiltrating both the music and fashion industries with expectancy for undaunted acclaim.

BANKS is scheduled to tour the western United States, with a stop in Boulder on October 10th. BANKS has surpassed the expectations given for an up and coming artist, making a powerful impact and claiming her time on the chill autumnal music scene.

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