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Three airplane flights have been compelled to make premature landings due to reclining seats. The first was on August 24 when two passengers on a United Airlines flight got into a fight after one used a “knee defender device” on the other’s reclining seat. The second was only days later when a Frenchman was arrested on his flight from Paris to Miami and caused his plane to land early after assaulting a flight crewmember about a reclining seat. The third was on September 2 when a woman was “hit” in the head by the passenger in front of her reclining the seat too far. The woman’s tantrum forced her Delta Airlines flight flying from New York’s La Guardia Airport to West Palm Beach Florida to make an unexpected landing in Jacksonville.

NATO leaders met in a Welsh resort for a two-day summit September 4 and 5 to discuss Afghanistan, Ukraine, and the threats posed by ISIS. During the meeting, NATO announced that it would be deploying several thousand multinational soldiers in Eastern Europe as a peacekeeping force against rebel forces in Ukraine as well as seriously stepped up rhetoric against President Vladimir Putin and Russia. The leaders said that even more stringent sanctions would placed on Russia unless it made efforts to relax the situation and that if Russia invaded a NATO member nation, it would face the full force of NATO and the United States Military.

Thousands of fast food workers across 150 US cities went on strike last Thursday. According to the public relations firm covering the strikes, over 500 of them have committed various forms of civil disobedience and have been arrested by the police. They demand $15 hourly wages and, with the rallying cry “fight for 15,” have vowed to do whatever is necessary to achieve their goal, saying “We are going to break the law. We’ve got to do whatever it takes to win…” McDonald’s recently released its official press statement: “McDonald’s and our independent franchisees support paying our valued employees fair wages aligned with a competitive marketplace.”

Former Governor Bob McDonnell of the state of Virginia and his wife Maureen were convicted of serious acts of corruption last week. He and his wife were pronounced guilty of 20 counts of conspiracy, bribery and extortion. After the near six-week trial, the couple now faces years in prison.

A 3.5-magnitude earthquake in Bosnia caused a coal mine collapse that killed five miners and trapped twenty-nine others over 600 meters under ground. Upon being rescued the next day, twenty-five of them were hospitalized with injuries. Afterwards they told reporters that the quake had triggered a gas explosion that caused the subsequent cave-in. All twenty-five are expected to recover from their injuries.
Another American aid worker from Liberia has been returned to the United States and has been admitted to a Nebraska hospital for treatment of the deadly Ebola virus. A team of thirty-five doctors, nurses, and other medical staff will be taking care of him and intend to use various experimental treatments to try to cure him. One of these is the past successful blood serum injection from a patient who has recovered from the Ebola virus.

Federal health officials recently discovered that malicious software was downloaded on healthcare.gov in July. It appears the hacker intended to use the system as a jumping point for attacking other websites. Federal health officials say that no personal data was taken or released during the hack.

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