Puzzles and Dragons: Bejeweled With a Twist

Bejeweled, a relatively standard game that many people play, can get old just moving colored blocks one space at a time. Puzzles and Dragons (P&D), an app that requires the internet, takes the common game that everyone enjoys and introduces creatures and monsters while maintaining the challenge of puzzle games.

Using a finger, a single orb can be dragged across the screen, moving other more orbs to where it had been. If a string of three or more orbs of the same color is created, the orbs trigger and vanish once the finger is removed. The colors of the orbs correspond to the monsters on a team and allows them to attack. The more orbs that are used, the stronger the attacks and the faster the boss can be destroyed.

Beating the boss of the dungeons grants the player coins and experience. The coins allow the player to power-up fuse monsters which, in turn, makes them stronger. When a max level is reached, an evolution can be done, enabling the monster to not only change skills but appearance as well. These skills can be used after a certain charge time and their effects vary per monster. The experience does not apply to the monsters like in Pokemon or Digimon; this experience applies to the player and allows them to rank up.

Ranking up grants individuals more allocated cost per team, stamina and increases the friend limit. Each monster on the team has a specific cost and each team has a maximum cost. As the rank increases, the player can use monsters with higher costs-such as the Green Sky Fruit Dragon with a cost of 35 or the Crystal Aurora Dragon with a cost of 15. Each dungeon requires a certain amount of stamina to enter that regenerates one per hour. The higher the rank, the more stamina that is available to use and the harder the dungeons become. Though the player cannot battle against monster parties of friends, they can borrow the lead monster of a friend to battle alongside with.

P&D is an entertaining game that combines Pokemon and Bejeweled all in one go. It introduces creatures that are digital representations of myths and puts a spin on everyday things. The game is definitely not League of Legends or Halo, but neither of those games can really be played in between classes or in the car.

The app is designed for touchscreen devices–smart phones, iPads, tablets–which are generally carried around everywhere. Its convenient to be able to play an interactive puzzle game that is not just moving a block one space over. It allows for creatures to be raised and evolved while making the mind work to get past the dungeon.

Though it is not a game most people would think is addicting, once started, it is hard to stop playing. It pushes individuals to try and conquer levels while evolving monsters to their ultimate forms. A free app that provides short bursts of fun, P&D is an enjoyable game that remains playable regardless of how little time is available.

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