Life of Pi

Based on the famous book by Yann Martel, “Life of Pi” is just a regular story about a boy whose family zoo boat sinks, resulting in him being stuck on a lifeboat with a tiger. Oh, and his name is the same as everyone’s favorite irrational number. Maybe that is not so regular.

Pi Patel is a boy growing up in India. Much of Pi’s life is shaped through his family’s business: zoo keeping. Pi takes great interest in the animals, asking his father to learn about them all the time. Pi also takes great interest in religion. Though he was raised Hindu, Pi investigates both Christianity and Islam and eventually settles on adhering to all of them. While Pi is still maturing and growing, governmental unrest is brewing in India. Because of this, Pi’s father makes the decision to move the family and their zoo to Canada by boat. And so all of the animals are packed up and put on a large ship with the family.

But after a few days at sea, Pi awakes in the middle of the night to a huge storm and a horrible noise. He ventures out onto the bow to investigate and finds that the ship is sinking. Before he can run back into the cabins to wake up his family, Pi is pushed onto a lifeboat, which is thrown into the water. Many of the animals below deck have gotten loose and are jumping into the water. A zebra jumps into the lifeboat, breaking its leg in the process and an orangutan, and a hyena join the lifeboat as well. Pi can only watch helplessly from the lifeboat as the ship sinks.

He thinks that he is the only survivor until he spots someone else on the horizon. It is not until he reaches the boat that Pi realizes that the survivor is a Bengal tiger by the name of Richard Parker. Pi tries desperately to get him off of the boat, but does not succeed. For the next 227 days, Pi will struggle to live on the lifeboat with a vicious tiger.

Pi’s journey will result in him growing both spiritually, physically, and mentally. He will lean on his three religions throughout his time on the lifeboat and come to rely on Richard Parker as well. Throughout their time together, they will grow to depend on one another and actually learn to live together. The great thing about Life of Pi is that it does not sugar coat animal instincts. Don’t be searching for singing animals in this movie. Pi learns very quickly that Richard Parker is no cuddly kitten, but will also learn about his true nature.

“Life of Pi” the movie not only follows the book almost perfectly, but also illustrates it in a very beautiful way. The CGI in this movie is absolutely jaw dropping, from the gorgeous sunsets to the rippling fur on Richard Parker. Actor Suraj Sharma, who plays Pi, is young but a fantastic actor. He portrays Pi’s transformation throughout his time on the boat perfectly. “Life of Pi” is a captivating movie with beautiful nature scenes and fantastic acting. Audiences will be captivated by Pi’s journey and growth as well as the beauty of the movie itself.

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