Enter the The Fields of Justice: League of Legends

Popular among computer games, League of Legends is an online game that connects gamers all over the world. Consisting of multiple servers, the game is accessible in Oceania, Latin America North and South, Russia, EU Nordic and East, Turkey, Brazil, and EU West. The fourth season ends November 4th with the 5th season around the corner.

Gameplay and Modes:

There are four maps that a player can access; Summoners Rift, Crystal Scar, Howling Abyss, and Twisted Treeline. The main objective of the game is to destroy the enemy nexus. The method is done so in similar manners in the Rift, Abyss and the Treeline. However, in the Crystal Scar, the nexus destruction is slightly different.

Summoner’s Rift, the classic format of the game, allows the individual to pick a champion – someone with unique abilities and play style – to battle against other champions. This map has three main lanes separated by two forest areas. The regular style, as of now, is to have one champion in the top lane, one in the middle lane and two in the bottom lane; the fifth roams the two jungles that separates the lanes, destroying the monsters to level up. To get to the nexus, a player has to destroy a series of guard towers – turrets – and an inhibitor. The game is over when the health bar of the nexus is reduced to zero. Twisted Treeline is extremely similar, but instead of 5 v 5, it is 3 v 3.

Howling Abyss is a map where the player does not select his or her own champion. The computer randomly selects a champion for the player to play from the player’s champion pool; this may include champions from the free week rotation – champions that can be played with owning them – or that have been bought -either through influence points* or actual money. Besides this initial change in champion selection, the mode follows Summoner’s Rift and the Twisted Treeline but instead of three or two lanes respectively, the Abyss is just a straight line with one lane.

Crystal Scar is the only mode where the player does not destroy turrets to reach the inhibitors and the nexus. Instead, the players capture turrets and once 3 of the 5 turrets are captured the health of the enemy nexus crystal will begin to drop. However, the turrets can always be recaptured, starting a dangerous cycle of capturing and battling to keep ownership of them.

Chat Function:

Incorporated in the game is a chat function that allows the players to communicate to their team and if desired to the opposing team as well. Messages can be typed and plans can be communicated using this function or, more popularly, are to use outside chat systems – I.E. Skype, Curse – which can overlay the game itself.

In addition to these chats, pinging is an effective way to communicate with the player’s team. There are pings for targeting, falling back, caution and missing enemy. These allow the other players to know what someone wants done or if their opponent is missing in action.


League of Legends is a fun game. The game is formatted to allow the players to utilize tactics and communications to beat the opposing team. For example, taking a lane where there is initially a 1 v 1, it is possible to turn it in the ally’s team’s favor by jumping the solo enemy with 2, 3 or even 4 allies. It allows people to meet through long distances and teaches players collaboration and communication methods that are flexible for the various team compositions created through champion selection.

But as fun as the game is, there are some major drawbacks.

The one main drawback to the game is that it is online. It allows players to connect but, in addition, it becomes another place for online harassment that can and has occurred during the game itself. Players will insult others that have died a lot during a short time or for not doing the job that they were supposed to do. In some cases these insults and harassments become “Go kill yourself” or “Uninstall”. For the most part, it is unclear as to whether or not the former of the two quotes are directed at the game or in real life.

Another issue of the game is that it can get old relatively quickly. Because the various modes have the same objective, the play style can get redundant. Using different champions will prolong how quickly this occurs but long term, continuous play will lead to boredom.

Overall League is an interesting and engaging way to pass time. The game allows players to beat others the same way athletes win in sport competitions. It’s social game and chat, and like all chat groups, caution should be exerted on upon their use.

*Influence Points are points that a player receives after every match.

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