Headlines from Around the World: 10/26/14

The Ebola scare continues, and, even with positive stories such as Nina Pham being cleared from her Dallas hospital, the cultural and economic strain of the virus is having a continued effect. In the end the greatest effect of the virus may be on the American economy as travel bans and fearful citizens have already caused airline stocks to drop and predicted economic losses swell to over $32.6 billion.

Denver police have recently gone on a warning campaign towards warning the populace about the dangers of pot infused candy with billboards and evocative catch phrases like, “Can you spot the pot?” Police intend to warn potential trick or treater’s of the dangers of nearly identical pot laced candies.

After being question about escalating the Ukraine crisis, Vladimir Putin denied escalation of any sort in the Ukraine and blamed the United States for the Ukraine crisis and the evils of terrorism. In a meeting with journalists and various experts, Putin blamed Washington for many of the worlds problems saying that its worldwide intervention was causing war and instability.

Denver theater shooter James Holmes’ trial has been again postponed for a doctor’s sanity evaluation. While the doctor’s findings have not yet been released, it is almost certain to be telling as it included nearly 22 hours of interviews. Holmes’ fate, after pleading not guilty due to reason of insanity, will have to remain undecided until December 8.

The Homecoming Prince of Marysville-Pilchuck School, Jaylen Fryberg, opened fire on his school cafeteria at lunchtime killing one and injuring four before killing himself. Reports say that the gun he used was obtained through legal methods and that he entered the cafeteria and proceeded to shoot his victims in a calm methodical way with no arguing and no yelling. As the school mourns its losses, the gun control debate continues to inflame.

Canada vows never to bow to aims of terrorists and refuses to cower after the ISIS threats earlier this month and the two recent shootings of her military personnel. One soldier was killed in Quebec and the other, Corporal Nathan Cirillo, killed at his post, the tomb of the Unknown Soldier. As part of its plans to deter homegrown radicals, Canada is severely toughening her security laws, actions that may severely damage civil liberties in the country.

Gunmen shot three deputies Friday, killing two, in Sacramento California. The suspects are at large as of this point and reportedly stole a ford pickup truck at gunpoint before fleeing the area.

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