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  1. January 18, 2015 @ 8:05 am dave pacific

    Excellent research by Connor McDonald on a complex and important issue.

    Since the real power is with the Board of Trustees,
    a followup article on the Board Members, particularly the voting members,
    is almost mandatory.

    At least 5 main issues are raised in this excellent article,
    and in the interest of efficiency a pre-interview questionaire
    can and should be sent to each Board Member requesting their explanation and thinking
    prior to their in-person interview by Connor McDonald/Oredigger editors.

    James Spaanstra

    Richard Truly
    Vice Chairman

    Vicki Cowart ’77

    Stewart Bliss
    Timothy Haddon ’70
    Frances M. Vallejo ’87
    Thomas Jorden ’80

    Wendy Harrison
    Faculty Trustee

    Jerry Miller, Student Trustee


    With the possible end of a 7 year supercycle in commodities,
    Mines could be at a crucial transition point in terms of emphasis vectors,
    and enlightened people must respond appropriately.


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