Cooking Corner: Overnight Oatmeal

Mines students are constantly on the look out for an easy breakfast that takes little to no time to make. Who has time to actually fry an egg or prepare a breakfast burrito on their way to 8AM Thermo, EPICS, or Rock Properties? Well, for those looking for a tasty new breakfast to try, look no further than overnight oatmeal. This is a simple and easy breakfast that can be eaten warm or cold (depending on how much time available before class). Prepare to be blown away by how simple this meal is! Everything is prepared the night before so no time will be taken out of a morning sleep in.

Oatmeal – super cheap in big tubs at any grocery store
Milk, water, cream or yogurt – basically just something liquid-like so that the oats can it soak up
Sugar (white or brown or powdered or artificial) – for anyone with a sweet tooth, not strictly necessary
Cinnamon or other spices – completely optional based on personal preference
Fruit – for those feeling like being healthy, or those being harassed by their mothers to be healthy
Anything else that sounds good – pre-packaged oatmeal packets at the grocery store can be great for inspiration.
1. Get sealable container (guestimate how loud the stomach grumbling will be in the morning and judge accordingly).
2. Pour some oats into container until it is about half full.
3. Pour whichever liquid onto oats until container is filled about three quarters of the way full. Do not fill as full if many optional ingredients are going to be added. Make sure to leave plenty of space because the oats will expand and overflows can be messy.
4. Add any sugar or fruit or spices or anything else that sound like if would be tasty with some oatmeal. Once again being sure to leave plenty of room for the oats to expand.
5. Put lid on container and place in a fridge or under the bed or on the windowsill or anywhere else that appeals. Best results are from fridge, but if there is not room in the dorm room for a fridge, anywhere else can work too.
6. Go to sleep.
7. Upon waking, there should be some delicious oatmeal ready to scarf down on the way to class. If in a hurry, the oatmeal can be eaten cold. However, if warm is more appealing, then the overnight oatmeal can easily be microwaved for a minute or two until piping hot, without taking much time from a busy morning.
8. Eat and enjoy!

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