Golden Moon

Along Washington Street in downtown Golden, there is a nondescript red door with a sign hanging above it that looks like a face. Within that door is are stairs that lead to a long, winding hallway leading eventually to yet another door with a sign on it like the sign above the red door. Inside the door is the menagerie of sights and tastes that is the Golden Moon Speakeasy, one of the most unique and interesting drinking experiences–not just in Golden but in all of the West.

Proprietor and distiller Stephen Gould, a self-described booze and cocktail geek, opened the Golden Moon Speakeasy in March of 2014 to, in his words, “create a place that’s really fun, really welcoming, where anyone can feel comfortable, and at the same time showcase the spirits produced in the [Golden Moon] distillery. The goal is to make our customers feel cherished, feel relaxed, and just have a good time”. This goal seems to be well met given the amount of community support for the cocktail lounge in an otherwise beer-centric town.

Golden Moon Speakeasy showcases the spirits produced at their nearby distillery through a cocktail menu using only those spirits. It spans the history of the cocktail from pre-Prohibition punches to modern favorites made from  Golden Moon Distillery’s award winning absinthe, gin, bourbon, apple jack, amer dit picon, and creme de violette. Cocktail fans will be hard pressed not to find a favorite as the menu has something for everyone with tastes ranging from the licorice and mint flavored Absinthe Frappe to the sweet and fruity (and appropriately named) To Be Drank Often. Fans of the spirits will also be able to purchase 750ml bottles of each of their spirits over the counter as gift baskets containing bottles, and t-shirts.  Prices for drinks range from $9 to $14, with a series of seven drinks for $7 during Happy Hour which goes from open to 7:00 pm. The price of bottles ranges from $32 for creme de violette and dry curacao to $86 for Redux Absinthe Verte.

Golden Moon Speakeasy has tremendous amounts of atmosphere with its low lights, wood and brass motifs, and local art. The lounge feels cozy whether with friends, talking with the friendly staff, or listening to the live music regularly offered on Fridays and Saturdays. Other regular events include game nights on Tuesdays where patrons are invited to play and bring board games, and Sunday’s Apres Ski Night where a range of hot toddys and hot chocolate cocktails go on the menu while skiing and snowboarding videos go up on the television.

Golden Moon Speakeasy is an incredibly unique experience that is not to be missed for any fan of cocktails or spirits. Between the extensive menu, award winning spirits, inviting atmosphere, and entertainment, Golden Moon Speakeasy is a must-visit for fans of mixed drink and good times.

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