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The Right Side of Mines

Have you ever heard of the typical Mines stereotype that all Mines students are left brained and lack the cultural and artistic traits to write a song, pen a book, or paint a canvas? While it is true that most Mines students attend this school to pursue an engineering, mathematics, or applied science degree, this…


Misrepresentation Game

Cinematically speaking, “The Imitation Game” is a great movie. It contains great acting and an amazing soundtrack. “The Imitation Game” follows mathematician Alan Turing and his work during World War II on a machine that would “break” Enigma, the German encoding machine through which the Germans sent their war communications. When I walked out of…


The War on Drugs – Lost in the Dream

The War on Drugs’ third album Lost in the Dream beautifully captures the feeling of a man’s loneliness and paranoia, and the behemoth sense of scale to which these emotions can dominate the human psyche. Released on March 18, 2014, the band’s latest record has garnered praise and accolades industry wide landing itself on many…


Shells for Thought

There is something slightly odd on some of the hundred peso bills in the Philippines. Amidst important cultural symbols and a picture of President Manuel Roxas is a small seashell—the international logo of Shell Oil Corporation. While it may initially seem out of place, this small logo commemorates a one hundred year partnership between the…

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