Spinning Class at the SRC – A Whirlwind of an Exercise

For those who have always wanted to try a spin class, now is your chance! The Student Recreation Center is now offering spinning classes eight times a week, Mondays and Wednesdays at 12:00pm, 4:30pm and 7:00pm and Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:00pm. Spinning is a great cardio, leg and mental workout that will get anyone ready for bikini season and improve overall wellness.

For those that are not familiar with spinning, spinning is the act of rotating in circles at varying speeds. The instructor focuses on balancing both directions of spinning. To provide the ultimate experience, the class will  be incorporating different arm positions when spinning. Position one has hands straight down against sides, position two has arms slightly out with elbows bent, and lastly position three has arms completely outstretched. By changing the positions of the arms, the momentum and speed of spinning will change. These changes will decrease or increase the difficulty of spinning. The other important aspect of spinning is the leg position. Similar to arm positions, the leg positions change the difficulty and muscles being worked. Leg position A has legs straight and is the fastest, B has legs slightly bent and C has legs all the way in a squat position and is the slowest but most difficult position. Spinners go through all types of spins during the class, keeping them on their toes. 

In a typical spin class, instructors use the HIT (high intensity training) techniques or interval training. Going from low speed to high speed to higher speed spins, the spinners get the most efficient workout. After one complete cycle, the instructor will guide spinners in the “unwind,” changing the direction of the spin and repeating the exercise. The “unwind” method also helps combat dizziness, which is always an issue, but as spinners train, their ability to keep dizziness down increases. When spinners utilize the “unwind” method, they spin in both directions, allowing the brain to readjust. As a result dizziness does not occur.

All levels of spinners – from beginners to experts – are welcome. The only things needed for a spin class are sneakers, water and a strong stomach. The effects of spinning last up to 36 hours. About 400 calories are burned during the class and up to 200 extra calories are burned from the metabolism boost the body gets after a spin class. Spinning is a whirlwind of an exercise!

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