Everything Under the M

Mines’ version of TED Talks a success

From analyzing the science of happiness, to questioning whether or not schools nurture creativity, TEDx speakers use their voices to spread compelling ideas throughout the world. Technology, Entertainment, Design (TED) is a non-profit organization that invites thinkers, visionaries, and teachers to give informational or persuasive presentations in 18 minutes or less.

While Mines students might only have access to the TED Talks posted on the Internet, a new speaking series called “Everything Under the M” aims to promote the spread of powerful ideas throughout campus.

“Everything Under the M will give interesting insight into incredible student leaders and their passions and interests, with plenty of other fun skills along the way,” said Jenn Mazzotta, Director of Student Activities and Peer Mentor Program Coordinator.

At the event, speakers spoke to students about a variety of subjects, such as dressing professionally.

“Sperry’s are not dress shoes. Unfortunately people make that mistake sometimes,” speaker Erik Trenary explained during the first “Everything Under the M” talk last Monday.

Trenary’s presentation, titled “Formal Dress for Men,” arrived just in time to outline the basics of looking professional at Career Fair.

“I learned a little bit from my dad, and a little bit more from my fraternity,” Trenary, who is currently a junior in Mechanical Engineering, said.

Moving from the toes to the top, Erik recommended everything from the perfect tie length (just touches the top of the belt), to the right type of dress socks (thin, polyester and match with either pants or shoes).

“The belt is often neglected, so it is very obvious whether or not you know how to dress formally by your belt,” he said. Throughout his engaging 15-minute talk, Trenary even addressed accessories, pattern coordination, and the three levels of dress.

“Dressing to yourself is my biggest recommendation,” he said. “A lot of Career Fair dress is how it fits you.”

As the “Everything Under the M” series strives to present a myriad of ideas, Monday night’s second presentation covered the importance of friendship, relationships, and kindness.

“The first week of school you meet so many people,” explained second-speaker Alex Yang, “but then the next week you see them around campus and pretend that you never met them.”

Yang is a junior in Chemical and Biochemical Engineering who has experience meeting lots of people on campus as a Peer Mentor.

To make meaningful friendships that last longer than Oredigger Camp, Yang recommends using the first interaction after initially meeting to set the pace for all future interactions. “Literally stop them, hug them, call them by name,” Alex suggests. “When you ask questions, try to make them meaningful and open-ended.”

Yang’s talk also included advice about talking points, avoiding awkwardness, and incorporating humor into interactions. To illustrate the concept of a “lollipop moment,” Yang showed a video about a man who unknowingly inspired a girl to stay in school, simply by instructing another student to give her a lollipop.

“Just having someone know your name is huge,” Trenary chimed in. “True lollipop moments can come from complete strangers or from your best friend.”

The 2015 Peer Mentors will perform additional “Everything Under the M” talks each Monday night at 7 p.m. in Ballroom D of the Student Center.

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