Scientific Discoveries Around the World: 9/11/15

Ottawa, Canada

New evidence suggests that psychedeilc treatments may be most effective when treating patients with PTSD. By inducing regulated “trips”, patients have exemplified a reduction in stress associated with PTSD, as well as other mental illnesses.

Great Britain

Huge stone monoliths resembling Stonehenge were discovered this week. They are being called “Superhenge” and are 2.5 miles away from the popular tourist location, Stonehenge. There are around ninety stones placed in a ring. Researchers are still unsure of how the stones at both locations were placed and built.

South Africa

On Thursday, archaelogists announced that the remains they found in a cave two years ago belong to the human species Homo naledi. This is a previously undiscovered human species and these remains have yet to be accurately dated, but are expected to be between two hundred thousand and two millions years old.

Chennai, India

Researchers at the University of India Madras have identifi ed the ability for a chemical in chilies, capsaicin, to slow the growth of cancer cells. They are unsure of exactly how the process works, but when prostate cancer cells are exposed to capsaicin, their cell membranes start to dissolve. This is a promising step in the path to eliminating cancer.

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