Taylor Swift connects with crowd during record-breaking tour

The Taylor Swift 1989 World Tour came to Denver Sept. 5 and 6 to perform at the Pepsi Center. Both nights were completely sold out a total of 26,000 tickets.

Vance Joy performed before Taylor Swift. His short performance was much less showy than Swift’s, but he genuinely looked like he was enjoying himself. When he asked the audience if they were ready for Taylor Swift he was met with ecstatic screaming.

Taylor Swift’s show is a huge theatrical act, including dancers, backup signers, a rotating stage, lots of lights and fireworks. In the middle of the show, however, she took an interlude in the middle where she performed on her own.

In this section she talked deeply with the audience and performed alone with just her guitar or piano. One of the most interesting aspects of the performance was the light up wristbands that were taped to each seat in the Pepsi Center. The wristbands lit up in sync to each song. During “Bad Blood”, the arena was full of flashing red wristbands, while the performance of “Clean” caused them to change to blue and green. Taylor Swift said that she came up with the idea because when she and all the performers were on stage, they could see each person in the audience, dancing and singing.

Swift’s shows have remained very similar throughout her past world tours despite the fact that her music has evolved from what was essentially country to pop. Even in her show this past weekend, she sang a couple of songs from her other albums but changed the style to sound more like the music on the 1989 album.

Overall, the concert was a success. Each song was met with thousands of people singing and dancing along.

Erica Dettmer-Radtke is a senior at Mines. She is editor in chief of The Oredigger. Erica is a Statistics major and came to Mines from Boulder, CO. In her spare time, while not studying or working on the paper, she enjoys being outside, reading, photography, and cooking.

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