Women’s soccer team tested in first weekend

After coming off of one of the most successful seasons in CSM history, the women’s soccer team is looking for players to step up into new roles and continue their success.

“I like to say it doesn’t add any more pressure, because every year is new. We lost four seniors last year, which may not seem like a lot, but they were players that made big contributions,” Head Coach Kevin Fickes said. “You think to yourself no pressure, but now we have expectations and it also put a big target on our back.”

These feelings were confirmed after losing to Dallas Baptist in the first game of the season 2-0.

“Dallas came a long way since last year, and when they won their whole school was celebrating, and that is what we will get this year and the girls are doing well handling pressure,” Fickes said. “They see us as a team that will be a contender every year, so we do not have the element of surprise anymore. We come in and play hard, and beating us would be a big deal. We have earned that.”

Senior Rachael Turner said the team was disappointed after losing the first game, but used it as motivation to beat West Texas A&M two days later.

“We went into the weekend expecting to do well and it did not start off that way. I think that was motivation the next day for us to prove we are the same team as last year, if not better,” Turner said. “I think the first game we just needed to work on a few things, and we did.”

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