Coral Creek Album Release at Buffalo Rose

For those interested in music of the Americana, bluegrass, and blues persuasion, the local band Coral Creek has just released a new album. They will be playing at the Buffalo Rose on October 16 at 8 PM. The show is free to attend.

Coral Creek is a band featuring Chris Thompson on vocals and guitar and Bill McKay on keyboard. The band also includes Rob Garland on bass and Jack Watson on drums. Coral Creek is based from the Colorado front-range, primarily playing shows close to home.

Chris described their new album as a “breakout album featuring my music and Bill’s.” Bill McKay recently joined the band as the keyboard player. Bill McKay is best known as a former member of the band Leftover Salmon. Because of recently adding Bill, the album is described as “a reintroduction of the band.”

The album features original songs as well as a couple of covers. “Musically, it’s pretty solidly in the Americana category. A bit of a departure from the bluegrass sounds we’ve recorded in the past.” When asked what he’d like Mines’ students to know about the new album, Chris simply said, “Well, I’d like them to hear it.”

For Coral Creek, one of the most important parts of performing here in Golden, is to “connect with the local community.” This includes the Mines community as well. “Building connections between the Golden music community and the Mines student body is good for everybody.” Chris jokingly added that music could help engineering brains come up with new engineering ideas.

The band is appreciative of everyone who comes to their performances. Chris describes his favorite part of performing as “the interaction with the audience.” Seeing the crowd and how they are responding to the band’s music is one of his favorite things.

This past year, the Mines community was involved in the Ullrgrass festival, volunteering with different aspects of the festival. Coral Creek is one of hosts for this festival. In 2016, the Ullrgrass Festival will be held January 29-31. If you are interested in volunteering or attending the festival, check out the website:

Be sure to check out Coral Creek’s performance at the Buffalo Rose. For more information on Coral Creek, go to:

Photo courtesy of Coral Creek.

Erica Dettmer-Radtke is a senior at Mines. She is editor in chief of The Oredigger. Erica is a Statistics major and came to Mines from Boulder, CO. In her spare time, while not studying or working on the paper, she enjoys being outside, reading, photography, and cooking.

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