Scientific Discoveries Around the World: 10/9/15

United States

Research at Rutgers revealed that a drug, RGFP966, administered to rats appeared to cause their memories to sharpen. The drug used in this study is in a class known as HDAC inhibitors; these are being used in cancer therapies to prevent normal cells from turning into cancerous ones. This drug could potentially be used for Alzheimer’s patients to help them create new memories.

Cape Verde

It was recently found that part of a Cape Verde volcano fell into the ocean approximately 73,000 years ago, resulting in an enormous wave reaching approximately 170 meters in height before it crashed into another island. This tsunami is one of the largest on record. These massive landslides have the potential to happen again, causing even larger tsunamis, although it cannot be said when or where.

South Korea

A process developed at the Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology allows waste coffee grounds to store methane. The process involves soaking the grounds and then heating them to produce a stable carbon capture material.


Scientists in China are genetically engineering miniature pigs to be sold as pets for $1,600 each. BGI, the genomic institute where this is taking place, is creating micropigs, altering the genomes of a small pig called the Bama, to make it even smaller. These micropigs grow up to 30 pounds when fully mature.

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