The Return of Doctor Who

Most will agree that it is soothing to slowly slip back into watching an old favorite show, especially when episodes resume their predictable schedule of airing each week. One could liken it to the feeling of putting on that first pair of fuzzy socks at the start of autumn – exciting, long awaited, and comfortable.

Doctor Who fans experience no exception. Fans across the globe rejoiced on September 19th, 2015 as the first episode of season nine aired. The show was on an eight month hiatus since the final season eight episode, “Last Christmas” was released. The Christmas episode answered questions about whether or not the Doctor’s current companion, Clara Oswald, played by Jenna Coleman, would be leaving the show prior to the start of season nine.

The newest episode picks up the storyline sometime after the Christmas episode, when the Doctor, played by Peter Capaldi, is missing in action. Clara is summoned by old friends and enemies to help find him. The plot quickly complicates with the reintroduction of Davros, the notorious villain whose evil robotic inventions, the Daleks, consistently plague the Doctor and his companions. The first episode then leaves viewers with a tantalizing and infuriating cliffhanger.

Doctor is known for its well thought out plot lines and incredible timetraveling twists. Steven Moffat, the producer and writer for the show, has received mixed feedback on his work on the direction the show has taken. Some praise his incredible ability to plan storylines through multiple seasons with constant intrigue, while others criticize his creation of plot holes and reuse of similar story arcs. Despite arguments over the quality of the plot, the show still holds sincere wit and classic entertainment value.

Throughout their adventures, the Doctor and his companions constantly question their moral choices and their identities. These are issues all Mines students struggle with, and we can easily compare our college journeys to the Doctor’s perilous yet rewarding adventures. The show also provides some social commentary through the actions of its characters, which offers a refreshing perspective on common issues today.

There is much excitement in the atmosphere as Doctor Who continues this autumn, but it may still shape up to be a hard road for fans. There is speculation that Clara will make her exit partway through the season and be replaced with someone new. Each time a new companion is introduced, there are always a few bumps as fans get used to a new presence on the show.

However, if past seasons are any indication, viewers are still in good hands. Doctor Who promises to bring just as many emotional moments, exciting triumphs, stunning visuals, and fascinating mind games as it has before. So, fellow Whovians, summon your inner Doctor and call upon your TARDIS; this season’s adventures will prove to be thrilling, to say the least.


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