Watermedia Exhibit at Foothills Art Center

For students looking for a way to embrace the arts off campus, there is a local exhibit that is sure to be thrilling and picturesque. The Foothills Art Center launched their 42nd Annual Rocky Mountain National Watermedia Exhibition on September 19, 2015. The exhibit runs until October 25, giving anyone enough time to see the masterpieces on display.

In a recent press statement, the Foothills Art Center said of the exhibit:

“Noted as one of the top watermedia exhibitions in the country, 65 distinct works of art have been chosen by the prestigious watermedia artist Mark Mehaffey. Watermedia enthusiasts and appreciators will be delighted by artistic expression that ranges from highly articulated realism to engaging works of abstraction. Accompanying each work of art is a statement that defines the aesthetic goals of each artist.”

The works of art on display were created by 65 different artists. The pieces were selected from 665 entries made by 282 artists in 27 states, according to the Foothills Art Center Exhibitions Manager, Becky Guy.

Watermedia is a type of art that takes many forms.

It famously includes watercolor pieces, as those are typically the most common, but acrylic painting, collage, and mixed media are also considered watermedia as long as water is used as the most prominent material.

Mark Mehaffey judged the art submitted for this exhibit. “He came in at the beginning of August to teach a master workshop and make selections for the exhibit.

He saw the works in person after making preliminary eliminations on the computer. From those, 20 awards were given by sponsors of donors, mostly in cash amounts,” said Guy in a recent interview.

Two of the winning pieces, “In Between Time”, an acrylic by Brenda Turner (Best of Show), and “Marbles”, a watercolor by Soon Warren (3rd Place and the cover of the Foothills Art Center Catalog), are featured in the pictures scenes.

Mehaffey kept several questions in mind when determining the best pieces: “[H]ow does the artist engage the viewer? Is there an attempt at making a personal statement? How does the artist use the elements and principles of design to reinforce their content? And finally, do the techniques employed fit with and reinforce the design and the content?”

Mehaffey also offered a statement about his time as juror: “It is always an honor to be asked to jury. It is also a huge responsibility.

Every image is viewed many, many times over multiple days. I did my very best to understand what the Artists were trying to say and searched for both subtleties and a personal approach. When possible I try to select a balanced show with paintings that feature different genres and techniques.”

The exhibit website (http://foothillsartcenter.org/) offers more details about gallery hours and upcoming events. One event in particular that Mines students may enjoy is the Holiday Art Market, which begins on November 14 and lasts until December 31. The market opens up the galleries for retail, including all kinds of handmade Colorado artwork.

The variable and affordable prices make this event a great resource for holiday shopping. Admission to the Holiday Art Market is free.

If the changing colors of fall bring a new yearning for artistic appreciation to your eye, be sure to check out the Watermedia exhibit at the Foothills Art Center. Admission is $5 for students and $8 for adults, and will be worth every penny.

Above photo by Becky Guy


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