Donald Trump

The success of Donald Trump’s presidential campaign has taken both the country and media by storm. An appearance by Trump has proved to be a major ratings booster for networks. He has easily been one of the most quotable candidates thanks to his blunt manner when handling questions. Many people feel that being politically correct does more harm than good, as it encourages not directly dealing with issues.

In an effort to “Make America Great Again,” Trump has focused mainly on improving the health and legitimacy of American businesses. According to his campaign website, foreign nations are able to use the country’s large debt and deficit as negotiating tools, forcing the U.S. to relinquish too many jobs to foreign nations. Trump has issued a broad tax plan as a solution to the deficit. Highlights of this plan include increased taxes on the extremely wealthy, as well as demystifying the tax code so that it can be more easily understood by an average U.S. citizen.

Despite some good ideas, several problems with Trump’s campaign are evident. First, Trump has little political experience. Additionally, although Trump is responsible for helping to build successful companies, the fact still remains that several were driven to file for bankruptcy. These bankruptcies raise questions about his ability to successfully enact his tax plan. A major part of his plan to make America great again is to further increase border security by building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. Trump intends to keep immigrants out, because, in his opinion, they are stealing American jobs that belong to natural-born American citizens. In the end, this wall is simply unfeasible. Even more unreasonable is his belief that Mexico will provide the funding for the construction of this wall. Despite the ridiculousness of this idea, however, it has been one of his only true solutions to the many problems he sees in America today. All too often Trump favors generalized, surface-level answers that avoid the issue at hand, leaving many to wonder what all he would really be able to accomplish as president.

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