John P. Lockridge

In Memory of John P. Lockridge

John P. LockridgeFriends, family, and members of the Mines community gathered in the Lockridge Arena at the Mines Student Recreation Center in mid-October to pay their respects and commemorate the arena’s namesake.

John P. Lockridge, who passed away September 7 this year, had the Lockridge Arena named after him for his commitment and continuous contributions towards the Colorado School of Mines. Mr. Lockridge was a highly respected member of the Mines community who brought great prestige to the school with his work in the local petroleum industry.

John Lockridge was accepted into the Colorado School of Mines in the late 1940s with an academic scholarship. During his time at the school, he played as number 16 on the varsity basketball team and competed as a member of the swim team. He would later be inducted into the Mines Athletics Hall of Fame in 2003.

Mr. Lockridge graduated from Mines in 1952 with a degree in Geological Engineering and began his career working for a subsidiary of Mobil Oil. After 17 years, he founded his own company, Mountain Petroleum Corporation, with the aid of co-founder Clyde Thompson.

In addition, Mr. Lockridge was formally accepted into the American Association of Petroleum Geologists and Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists, where he was lauded as an exceptional lecturer and explorer.

He served as president for the Rocky Mountain Association of Geologists and additionally served as vice-president in both organizations. He was decorated with numerous awards from both organizations for his outstanding service and writing contributions.

Mr. Lockridge gave back to the Mines community by helping establish the Blaster Basketball Scholarship Fund, which is available to out-of-state, Varsity basketball players, in 2001. He also helped fund the construction of the Student Recreation Center in 2005 with the help of his wife, Erika.

Mr. Lockridge passed away at home in Pebble Beach, California and is survived by his wife and his children Nancy, Laura, Monica, Eric and Nick. His fame as a renowned geologist, winning personality, and helpful attitude towards peers has created a lasting legacy that brings great pride to Colorado School of Mines.

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