Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD Continues to Season 3

Perpetually at the head of box offices globally, Marvel movies sprinkle in a slight dash of excitement to a world that can sometimes seem a bit dull and gray.

To be completely honest, sometimes it’s easy to believe every last one of the Avengers is real.

Imagine the excitement when they announced that one of the most well known and loved characters, Phil Coulson, would be heading an incredibly-casted team in a new Marvel T.V. show back in 2013.

The show itself has been a roller-coaster ride of betrayals and other orchestrated and plot-driving back-stabbings.

Season three started off with a bang, as per Marvel’s usual. The slowly-rebuilding SHIELD agency is pursuing people that came in contact with a drug that was laced with the blood of aliens and can bring horrifying super powers to the surface.

Meanwhile, everyone’s favorite engineer, Agent Leo Fitz, is only half of a puzzle frantically searching for his missing pieces. His partner, Agent Jemma Simmons, is trapped inside the monolith in SHIELD’s basement, which is revealed to be a portal to another planet.

How about all of that?

And of course, there is former SHIELD member Grant Ward trying to rebuild Hydra, the “right” way. To speak for most fans, Ward’s punishment must surely fit his crimes, and it can only be expected that it comes this season.

Thus far, the third season promises to be as wildly exciting and witty as the previous two. It continues to interlace itself with the accompanying Marvel movies through subtle conversation regarding a city falling from the sky.

This season has much to live up to in its forebears, but if the first episode’s heavy action is anything to judge from, the fans will not be left for wanting.

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