M.I.R. Starts Semester with a Full Roster

Hidden downstairs in the Student Center, in a small nook made of windows, is the Mines Internet Radio broadcasting room.

“This has definitely been a big adjustment,” said Alex Manoilo, one of the producers for M.I.R.

Before winter break, the M.I.R. room was located across 19th Street, nestled up against the freshman parking lot.

“It took us all day to move into the Student Center,” said Phil Walker, another producer of M.I.R.

With increasing demand to have their voices heard, students are clamoring this semester for a spot on the M.I.R. roster.

“We’ve got a really full schedule this semester,” said Walker. Almost every one of their evenings are booked up this semester with a wide variety of shows, including that of Ruthie Cooney and Megan Hansen.

“Once a week, I get the chance to share something I’ve created and am passionate about with an audience,” Cooney said. “And I get to do that with one of my best friends.”

The first several minutes of their broadcast is built almost entirely on some of the intricate banter that characterizes their friendship. “Ruthie and I have such a great time brainstorming music to put on our playlists and coming up with funny things to say during our introductions,” Hansen said.

To them, and the handful of other students that claim an hour here and there, M.I.R. is more than just a radio show. It is their chance to showcase their interests and passions with the entire school.

“At the beginning of the semester, we received a lot of applications,” said Walker. “We arranged them throughout the week based on their preference for time. Basically, we look for interest. If you show significant interest, you’ll have a time slot.”

M.I.R. is fueled almost entirely on passion. Everyone involved throws their heart and soul into the broadcasts – and this unique approach provides the foundation to a variety of entertaining shows throughout the week.

“We have the unique opportunity to reach people and be heard,” said Cooney, “even if we let the music do the talking.”

To find a schedule of shows, check out radio.mines.edu and tune in during the evening on week days to listen to a different playlist for every one of your moods.

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