Daily Archives: May 6, 2016

Cheating at Mines: Part Three

Cheating is a pervasive and old problem in college education. Cheating among students has arguably existed for as long as organized educational institutions have existed. Although the degree and type have undoubtedly fluctuated, it is curious that cheating is still prevalent after all these years. Why haven’t educators and institutions found a solution to the…

Samuel "Catfish" Alexander

Highlighting a Campus Poet

Many of the readers may know Samuel Alexander for his competitive gaming, or amazing piano skills, or simply because he goes by “Catfish”, but after a semester in Seth Tuckers Creative Writing Class, he is now an excellent poet as well. Catfish grew up in rural Texas but was drawn to more modern culture, particularly…

Faculty Senate Report

Observations Students come to Mines for the recreational opportunities and inviting climate Colorado offers, to be academically challenged, and to have the opportunity to tackle in-demand careers in engineering and applied science.  But, although these students want to be challenged, many balk at doing challenging work, primarily because their pre-Mines educational experiences have been easy…

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