Bug Coffins and Scientific Sculptures at Foothills Art Center

The Foothills Art Center currently has on display a variation of ceramic, thrown, porcelain, impressionistic, and psychedelic clay pieces on display from artists across the country. The exhibit, titled Mountain Standard Clay, has inhabited the Foothills Art Center, just off of campus on 16th St. and Washington Ave., since April 16 and will stay through June 12.

The art center features many variations on the physical art form involving clay, including the more traditional and expected vases (though with their own bright twist), some multi-media combinations of ceramic and photography, and other outlandishly themed and exotically designed pieces—all of which resonate with or leave the viewer to interpret.

Over 225 artists submitted their work to the Foothills Art Center and only 23 artists and 39 of their works made the cut. Each and every piece defies the stereotypical mindset one has when it comes to clay and pottery.

There are even a few pieces that try to wrestle with some more scientific concepts, such as “Thoughts on Quantum Mechanics”, an energetic piece by Mike Rand, whose workshop and kilns reside in Colorado. On the more whimsical end are the elaborate and enigmatic bug coffins done by Jason Kishell.

The art center offers many oddities in the name of art and a calming atmosphere. The center is a great way to spend the afternoon to take a break from studying.The entrance fee is only $5 for students, seniors, and children and $8 for adults.\

Photo by Makenzie Parimuha

A Materials and Metallurgy Major on the Colorado School of Mines campus. Avid hiker, dancer, theater kid, and intellectual puzzler.

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