Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle Over the Summer

Though the recent snowstorm makes it hard to believe, summer is right around the corner. Whether your plans include a job, internship, or summer classes, the summer is no time to take a break from your health. In fact, it should be the opposite.

The state of a person’s physical health and wellbeing has been proven to affect their academic performance, for better or worse. So do yourself a favor and use this summer to get a leg up for the coming fall semester at Mines or the start of a job.

For those staying in Colorado, below are some events around the Denver-metro area to keep your heartrate up:

  • Red Rocks Fitness Challenge-
    • Saturdays 7-8AM, April 9-May 28
  • Yoga on The Rocks-
    • Saturdays 7-8AM, June 4-June 25
  • Yoga on The Rocks-
    • Saturdays 7-8AM, July 30-August 20
  • South Platte River Fest-
    • June 25th and 26th
  • GoPro Mountain Games-
    • June 9th-June 12th
  • Froyo Run, Golden, CO-
    • May 7th, 10k @ 7:45AM and 5k @ 9AM

If you are not staying in Colorado, start by going to the website of your respective city and see what community wellness events are happening. The key to staying healthy is being active and involved.

As this is the last issue of the school year, here is a smoothie recipe—perfect to try for a quick pick-me-up during finals or as a delicious summer drink:

  • Raspberries
  • Almond milk
  • Banana
  • Orange juice
  • Pomegranate juice

Have a great summer!

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