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The Design Build Fly Team

Design, Build, Fly Team Takes Off

On April 14, the newly founded Design, Build, Fly team traveled to Wichita, Kansas to compete at the national Design, Build, Fly competition. Design, Build, Fly, which is sponsored by the AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics), is a competition that challenges students to design, fabricate, and demonstrate the flight capabilities of a radio-controlled…

Increasing Sustainability on Campus

Following the campus motto of Earth, Energy, and Environment, the Mines’ sustainability committee met to discuss the future actions of the organization’s involvement on campus. Comprised of mainly administrative heads, graduate students and faculty, the sustainability committee looks to increase its involvement and presence on campus by applying for an American Society of Civil Engineers…

Mines Friendship (May 2016)

Reflecting On Friendship At Mines

As the semester winds down to a close, the auras of reflection, introspection and nostalgia reign prominent amongst the graduating seniors. The end of our last semester at Mines comes with the emotional gravitas of closing one chapter and turning the page to the next one There is the fundamental desire to continue the pursuit…

Nick of Ask Nick

Ask Nick: the Know-All Freshman (5/6/16)

What caused Casa Alba to close and when will they realistically reopen? Due to the name being racially offensive, Casa Alba was shut down by social justice warriors. Said warriors now maintain a strong point there under the guise of a nonprofit puppy rescue crew. Never trust nonprofit puppy rescue crews. If you see any…

Mines Little Theatre presents Young Frankenstein

Young Frankenstein Draws Record Crowd

Mines Little Theater (MLT) just wrapped up its final performances for the spring musical, Young Frankenstein.  After working long hours, attending countless rehearsals, and managing a myriad of elements critical for the production, the crew gave a performance that was a pleasure to see come to fruition. Performed at the Bunker Auditorium amidst an audience…

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