New Maker Space in Brown Building

The Mines Maker Society oversees the installation of the Blaster Design Factory in Brown Building. It also assisted in upgrading the EPICs Annex.

Located in the Brown Atrium outside of BBW250, the Blaster Design Factory will be operated by the Maker Society to allow students to practice open-source design. The space will have a materials shop and prototyping materials. The Blaster Design Factory will allow access to 3D printers, and have information about the existing “maker spaces” on campus

The Mines Maker Society has developed a hub and spoke model to inform students where they can complete their design on the correct machines. The Blaster Design Factory is intended to be the campus center of the different workshops on campus. The Maker Society also offers workshops in which members can become trained in various manufacturing processes.

The Blaster Design Factory is scheduled to be installed this upcoming September. However, the EPICs Annex has already been upgraded. There is also talk about a small CNC machine going into the EPICs Annex.

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