Golden Farmer’s Market: Fresh Food, Good Company

Every Saturday, Golden residents and vendors from across Colorado gather together in the parking lot next to the Golden Library to enjoy the Golden Farmer’s Market.

The Golden Farmer’s Market runs every year from the first Saturday in June until October 1st. Open from 8 a.m. until 1 p.m., Golden residents and anyone else who wishes to attend can be found looking over fresh local produce, handmade baskets, fresh pasta, alpaca wool blankets and so much more.

The variety of stands is quite impressive for a little town and the passion of the vendors and shoppers is overwhelming. Everyone who attends the Golden Farmer’s Market seems to have an amazing time whatever they are doing, whether munching on something from a food truck, sorting through fresh vegetables, charming everyone with their well behaved dogs, or just enjoying some people watching.

The quaint size of the Golden Farmer’s Market is what brings a lot of people to it. Everyone loves being recognized by vendors, running into people they know, and just generally feeling like part of the Golden community. The Golden Farmer’s Market is a big part of what brings the people of Golden together, where locals come to catch up with friends while looking through fresh zucchini and meeting new people while learning new methods of cooking sweet corn.

Several of the stalls are even run by residents of Golden, eager to be involved in their local community.

One of the permanent fixtures of the Golden Farmer’s Market is the booth containing a few Master Gardeners who are eager to answer questions or help in any way that they can. Anyone with questions about their own garden or plants shouldn’t hesitate to stop by the booth and have a chat with some experts.

So next time Saturday morning rolls around and you need something to do, come along to the Golden Farmer’s Market between 8 a.m. and 1 p.m.

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