Daily Archives: October 25, 2016

Poli-ticking Me Off

The 2016 election has two of the most historically disliked candidates as front-runners. Chaos from both sides resulted in Clinton and Trump coming out on top, yet Democrats and Republicans alike are unsure about their candidates. How did this happen? How did the most disliked candidates become front-runners? In middle school and high school, the…

Alisha Eskew

Get Well, Stay Well

In today’s processed world, the Whole30 is a diet that eliminates unbalancing and inflammatory food groups for 30 days. It ends unhealthy cravings and food habits, heals the digestive tract, balances the endocrine and immune systems, and helps develop a healthier body image. The Whole30 is all about eliminating certain foods and food groups that…

Mines Tennis Causes a Racket

Despite their favorite tournament being postponed, Mines Club Tennis is remaining positive at the beginning of the season. “The team dynamic is all about getting outside, getting some exercise, and having some fun in the process,” Junior Collin Kinder explained. “The practices are a lot of fun, our coach is super cool, and it’s a…

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