Athlete Spotlight: Alanna Winfield

Year: Senior


Major: B.S. in Mechanical Engineering


Why Mines: When looking for a college, Winfield kept three criteria in mind; a good engineering school, a winning volleyball program, and the possibility of making an immediate contribution to a team. As Alanna herself said, “Mines volleyball has won 4 RMAC championships in a row and last year we won both the RMAC regular season title as well as the RMAC tournament championship, which was the first time that has happened in Mines history.” Winfield definitely joined a winning program- a program where she has never missed playing in a game. Since her freshman year, Winfield has played in every single varsity volleyball game.


Biggest challenge as a student/athlete: Like most Mines students, Winfield said that time management is her biggest struggle. “Being a student at Mines by itself is difficult, but when you add the athlete schedule with practices, weights, games, and travel, it piles up really quickly,” Winfield shared. While the time commitment is hefty now, it definitely pays off, as Winfield explained, “You learn great time management skills.”


Pre-competition traditions: “I am a very superstitious person so I have lots of pre-match traditions,” Winfield confided. While she cannot give away all of her secrets, Winfield did share that she has worn her hair the same way for games since middle school, she has specific headbands for each jersey, and always eats the same lunch. She also shared traditions specific to Mines, such as warming up in the same spot with the same partner (Fellow senior Taryn Huber) for all 4 years. Winfield wraps up her pre-game traditions with high-five routines with certain teammates, specifically Ellie Monarch.


Post-competition traditions: While not quite as many routines go into the post-game as the pre-game, Winfield did share that she usually wraps herself up in ice bags and then eats!


Role on the team: If you ask any of Winfield’s teammates what her role on the team is, they might laugh and reply “the Team Mom!” This is because of Winfield’s experience, mentorship, and of course, motherly help. She shared that she is “always checking in to make sure everyone is doing ok, make sure that everyone is on time to everything and they don’t forget anything.”


Favorite part about volleyball: Winfield shared with us her passion for competing and winning- one of the reasons she likes volleyball so much. “My favorite part about volleyball is the adrenaline rush of competitions. I am a very competitive person by nature and just the fire inside to just kick someone’s butt is addicting.”


Role models: Winfield shared how much she admired her father, and his commitment. “He is my biggest fan, my greatest supporter, and my rock!” Winfield said. “Someday I hope my children look up to me the way I look up to him!”


Hobbies: In between a hectic volleyball schedule, schoolwork, and balancing a social life, Winfield likes to bake and she loves to watch basketball. “I am obsessed with basketball and if there is a college game on, there is a high chance I am watching it no matter who is playing,” Winfield shared. “When March rolls around, and thank goodness volleyball is a fall sport, I can sit in front of the TV all day and watch basketball.”

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