Indie Folk Artist Fills the Library with Joy

On Friday, Oct. 7, Claire Mahoney (pictured) performed a set of beautiful melodies before an eager audience. Her music was of an indie-folk variety, a healthy balance of originals and covers.

The library concert series offers a unique creative outlet—a hidden oasis amongst books detailing phase equilibria and solid mechanics.

She supplemented vocals with guitar, crafting an authentic tone. Between songs, Claire noted her tendency to write sad music, joking about her unconscious inner goth. Her humor starkly juxtaposed her melancholy music. Claire’s magnetic personality and beautiful voice undoubtedly lifted library spirits on a midterm-nearing Friday.

Claire’s concert underlined the importance of art in engineering culture. Creativity is an essential part of scientific innovation–a truth sometimes forgotten amidst complex diagrams and equations. An hour long break from calculation inspires new solutions to frustrating engineering problems.

Appreciating art can rejuvenate and engage the mind. The library concert series provides a perfect opportunity for such creative inspiration. Sometimes, understanding that the world is bigger than engineering is the very key to solving engineering debacles.

Mines students are diverse in their interests and talents. It is imperative to foster those abilities in creating a healthy college culture. Library concerts integrate the campus, with audiences encompassing a broad student and faculty demographic.

Recognizing the hidden talents of fellow Mines students is incredibly informative and empowering. By performing, Claire helps destroy the narrowly-focused engineer stereotype. And what an important stereotype to break!

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