Mines Tennis Causes a Racket

Despite their favorite tournament being postponed, Mines Club Tennis is remaining positive at the beginning of the season.

“The team dynamic is all about getting outside, getting some exercise, and having some fun in the process,” Junior Collin Kinder explained. “The practices are a lot of fun, our coach is super cool, and it’s a great way to meet people on campus considering we usually have around 50 people come out for the team.”

The team’s only tournament this weekend was at UNC, where they took 4th. They were scheduled to play at Hilton Head in South Carolina on the weekend of October 7, but that tournament was delayed due to hurricane Matthew. The team should be at full strength when they make it to the tournament.

“Everyone is as healthy as cool be this season, thank goodness,” Kinder said. “Last season we had a key injury on a great player, Satvik Saini; he was out with a wrist injury. He is back now and better than ever.”

“This season the travel team is most looking forward to the Hilton Head tournament mentioned earlier. It’s an awesome time, there are some incredible players, free gear giveaways from Babolat, and the courts are right on the beach, something we are severely lacking here in Colorado,” Kinder said.

With such a faraway tournament, it is unsurprising the team does not have rivals here in Colorado.

“No rival,” Kinder explained, “just friendly match play. Sometimes there are challenge matches to move up a ranking within the travel team. Even then, we don’t really have set positions to it’s all for fun.”

“Mines is a lot of hard work as we all know and tennis is a fantastic way to get out and get your mind of everything that you have to do that night,” Kinder added. “Our dues are low and we encourage anyone, of any skill level, to come out for the team. There are people of all skill levels and they all fit in just fine.”

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