Rocky Horror Picture Show

On Friday, October 28th at 7pm, three campus organizations are getting together in Bunker Auditorium to put on an incredible performance of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. MAC, oSTEM and Mines’ Little Theater are joining together to present and perform with the Halloween classic, The Rocky Horror Picture Show.

The story of The Rocky Horror Picture Show follows the story of a young couple, Janet and Brad, whose car breaks down near a mysterious castle. In search of a phone to use to call for help, since this is set before the days of cell phones, they approach the castle. Inside the castle Brad and Janet meet an eclectic group of strangers in fantastic costumes. They then meet the leader of the group, Frank N. Furter and craziness ensues.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a fun filled adventure filled with great music, fun dancing and more than a couple laughs. If you are in the mood for a good Halloween celebration, as the Halloween weekend begins, but a scary movie isn’t calling, then this is the perfect show to go and see.

Traditionally, the movie is displayed on the big screen while a group of actors and actresses perform the same lines and actions below the screen. Often, the audience dress up in crazy costumes like the inhabitants of the castle. Mines’ Little Theater, oSTEM and MAC are joining up to put on a show exactly like that.

The movie characters will be portrayed by a variety of members of the campus community, members of the organizing clubs and other students who simply wished to be involved. Marie, who will be playing Columbia, said, “It is such a fun group of people, it should be an awesome show”. So go along and show some support or just have a fun filled evening.

In addition to the undoubtedly fabulous performance, there will also be a few competitions. A costume competition will hopefully inspire people to dress up and get more involved when there is a prize on the line. There will also be a Time-Warp dance contest, the Time-Warp is one of the biggest musical scenes of the movie and has its own choreographed moves to accompany it so anyone wanting to take home that prize should get practicing.

Overall, Friday is sure to be a fun filled night with music, dancing, laughter and fabulous costumes. So be sure to find your way to Bunker Auditorium on Friday, October 28th, at 7pm to join in on all of the fun!

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