Monthly Archives: November 2016

Research and Collaboration Efforts

Having the tagline of “Earth, energy, environment,” research on the campus is often linked with sustainability. According to the Gregory Jackson, the department head for mechanical engineering, “If you look at our funding, a higher amount of it addresses these issues than at other schools.” Through sustainability research and efforts, there is hope for a…

Jojo Clark

Costume Culture

To an egomaniacal prepubescent animal, Halloween is sacred. I recall crafting costumes for the entire month of October, placing financial and creative demands upon my nuclear family. I truly became the monster I sought to mirror. Like an amateur method actor, I embodied my character in both behavior and attire on Halloween day. Given my…

Nick Sammons

The Will to Move

The human body has a will to move. From crawling to walking to running, individuals learn how to control their body and use it to accomplish tasks and goals. Somewhere in adulthood, exercise becomes non-essential to regular life. Where did we go wrong? Living without exercising emboldens a dangerous game: you get more time to…

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