Pastry Personalities: Cakes vs. Cupcakes

Decadent frosting swirled across the top in the most precise manner, almost as pleasing to the eye as it is to the mouth. A gentle fluff of cake floats directly beneath the layer of icing, trying to balance out the richness of the frosting and provide a texture of a light cloud in the mouth. Each bite encompasses the creamy frosting and fluffy cloud before melting in your mouth. Who knows the flavor, to each his own, perhaps a rich chocolate or smooth toffee flavor. Sometimes the frosting may vary the flavor of the fluff of cake creating an even larger paradox of beings which compliments the contrasting textures. A small piece of heaven, I’m sure this taste needs little explaining for everyone has experienced it. The question remains: is it a cake or a cupcake?

I do not believe size is the only difference between a cake and a cupcake. The deeper styling, the art of the flavors differs slightly. Have you ever had orange creamsicle cake? I have yet to taste an orange creamsicle cake, but gladly devoured creamsicle cupcakes on several occasions. Cake is the elegant lady wrapped in silks, professional and poised at all times, a classic asset to any social setting. Cupcakes are like the cousin who has had a bit too much to drink. They are informal and sometimes a bit too loud, but are always exciting and bold in personality. Sometimes cupcakes get a bit carried away with themselves, and, trying to fit the elegance of cake into a smaller proportion, can become a bit much with fillings and cakes and frosting with all different flavors. Still, they are always exciting.

On rare occasion, we happen upon a vanilla cupcake with vanilla frosting. This is the poor cousin, trying their best to behave. Holding in their beaming personality, trying to fit the norms of society; however, no matter how hard that vanilla cupcake tries, it will never be a elegant cake. Cupcakes are best left free to be their full shining personality.

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