Skiing in the early season

It’s that time of year again! Thanksgiving break is approaching fast and final projects are starting to crush the souls of students. With that despair comes some glittering flakes of hope, made of snow, located a few miles into the mountains. Ski season is (almost) here along with dreams of having time to spend on the slopes. With A-basin already open, Keystone opening on November 4th, Breckenridge on 11th, and Winter Park on the 16th, this season looks typical.

However, and this is a big however, the snow reports for the next two weeks look depressing. Most mountains are still experiencing above freezing weather even at night. Back in 2014 several opening days were pushed back. Now the only thing to do is hope these weather forecasts are wrong, but that never happens, right? Here are a few thoughts on early season skiing from students.

“Yaaas,” hardcore shredder Alex Bart eloquently expressed.

“If you have a pass just go,” encouraged drifter Aaron Dennin.

“In general I don’t go because it’s usually pretty closed off. This year I bet they’re pretty bad,” snow fanatic Tiffany Kalin explained.

With that being said, let the early ski conditions of wet snow, lots of exposed obstacles, and hundreds of people crowding the few open trials begin!

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