Student Solar Decathlon Team Focuses on Sustainable Design

One of the many student organizations on campus focused on sustainability at Mines is the Solar Decathlon team. “The Solar Decathlon is a competition put on by the U.S. Department of Energy that challenges collegiate student teams to design and fully build a net-zero, solar-powered homes.

This competition requires teams of students to build innovative, energy efficient houses, that also must present market potential and aesthetic appeal.” said Katie Schneider, a graduate student on the team. “This project relates to sustainability on campus because not only is the team made up of students, but there is a goal of showing that sustainability is not out of reach and can actually be practical.”

Towards Mines statement of, “Education and research in engineering and science to solve the world’s challenges related to the earth, energy and the environment”, Kaite stated, “Mines is living up to its mission statement, through projects like the Solar Decathlon and Mines Tiny House, they help us move forward in energy and sustainability research.”

She believes that campus clubs and projects have made a difference in the Mines community. “[We] contribute to improvements in the world and environment, and that whether or not you’re are studying green design, or engineering or a physicist studying nanoparticles, etc. you can also make improvements in the world we live in today”.

Katie is hopefully for the growth of the environmental consciousness at Mines. “More people need to become involved in these types of projects and implement small changes into their own lives.”

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