Trick or Treat so Golden Can Eat

On Halloween night, 70 CSM students gathered to trick or treat all around Golden. But they weren’t trick or treating for candy, they were trick or treating for cans and non-perishables. The event, called Trick or Treat so Golden Can Eat, was organized by USG, specifically Quinn Tenorio, Graham Weeks, James Kiousis, Tom van Ierland, and William Konishi from the Into the Streets Committee.

Students met in Marquez hall at 6pm to fuel up with snacks and receive their assigned area of Golden. A total of nine teams participated, with most teams representing a group on campus such as Alpha Phi Omega, Pi Phi, Blue Key, or floors of residence halls. Once groups received their assignments they rushed off with reusable bags to collect as many cans as the could.

Most Golden residents were confused when they answered the door to find groups of college students is costume. When the students told them they were trick or treating for cans, Golden residents went to their pantries to find items to donate. Many were amazed at the generosity and some even profusely thanked the students for doing this service for Golden. Audrey Cate, sophomore, said, “my favorite part was getting to experience trick or treating again. It let me help out in the community while having lots of fun!” Molly Reicher, junior, agreed, saying “The event brought back all the memories of trick or treating as a kid, but this time I had an opportunity to serve the community!” Levi Finley, senior, commented, “It was great seeing the community’s generosity and willingness to give.”

All together, the 70 participants collected 1,450 items. This number includes some cash donated by Golden residents who wanted to donate but didn’t have any cans on hand. It also includes cans collected at Nightmare on Greek Street where families traded canned goods for raffle tickets to earn prizes. Quinn Tenorio, the At-Large to the Community for USG commented, “For some perspective, last year, this event collected just under 1400 goods so to push the limit over 1400 was very rewarding and exciting.”

The winning team, Alpha Phi Omega-Mu Pi, collected 440 goods. The Blue Key group came in second with 187 goods. And in third, a group called “Lumber Bros” with 181 goods. The “Lumber Bros” also won the costume contest with their matching lumberjack outfits.

USG partnered with the campus food drive committee and the Castle of Cans event. The non-perishable goods collected will be dispersed to any Mines families that are in need of help during the holiday season. Any goods not used will then be taken to the Christian Action Guild. Tenorio said, “Golden does plenty for the School of Mines, and we want to ensure that we have a good relationship with Golden. One way to do that is to put on events like this to give back to the community that supports us.”

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