Athlete Spotlight: Emily Garnier

Year: Junior

Major: B.S. Computer Science, with a minor in Electrical Engineering

Hometown: Littleton, CO

Why Mines: Although she grew up just down the road from Mines, Garnier had originally planned on going out of state for college. With the criteria of a good engineering school and an opportunity to play soccer, Garnier set out to find the perfect school for her. “After searching the country I realized I was ignoring something right in my backyard: Colorado School of Mines,” shared Garnier. While not exactly what Garnier had planned, she made the right choice, saying “I am so happy with my decision to come to Mines, I love my team and I am sure learning a lot about computer science.” Another benefit is that her family lives just down the road, so they can attend Mines’ soccer games to cheer on Garnier.

Biggest challenge as a student athlete: While the workload of Mines is enough in itself, it can be compounded with the addition of athletics. According to Garnier, “The hardest thing is just missing so much class in the fall. You really have to stay up on your classes otherwise you fall behind quickly.”

Pre-competition traditions: The Orediggers like to “control the controllables” for game day, and this includes the way they prepare. “The whole team has sort of a pre-game protocol that we follow, especially for home games,” confided Garnier.

Post-competition traditions: “Win, lose, or draw there is always chocolate milk for us to drink after the game!”

Favorite part about the team: “I am so lucky to be part of such a hardworking and awesome team,” Garnier beamed. “All the people that are surrounding me have an incredible work ethic, on the field and in the classroom, and they push to me to become a better version of myself.” This team support obviously showed throughout the season, as the Orediggers finished with a 20-3-1 record. This was in large part thanks to Garnier, who led the team in assists and shots on goal.

Role Models: Garnier looks up to her brother, Jeff, who just graduated from Stanford and spent his collegiate years on the swim team there. “He is a good role model athletically, but he is also the smartest, funniest, goofiest, and most humble person I know,¨ Garnier said, sharing that she strives to be like him.

Hobbies: Garnier volunteers at Mount Saint Vincent once a week because she loves to work with the kids there.

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