Concerns about Kappa Alpha Theta

I, as a freshman, was overwhelmed with the idea of rushing this fall, because there were many houses that could fit all my wants and expectations. As if there weren’t enough choices, Kappa Alpha Theta, the newest sorority, had a lot to offer too; although, there were some concerns that my fellow rushies and I had regarding Theta.

The girls from the first rush night were from CU Boulder. They tried to get girls to rush Theta, but the chances that we would get to see those girls again were small. Many of us would have considered Theta more if Mines students were talking to us about our involvement requirements; they were too vague on what would be required of us as founders of the Theta chapter at Mines.

The girls kept telling us what Theta was like at CU, even though there is no guarantee it would be like that at Mines. The uncertainty of starting a new chapter makes it difficult to have confidence in joining, since the idea of starting a new chapter from scratch sounded terrifying. The pressure of creating the reputation and feel for the house would be on us, which is a lot of responsibility for freshmen.

Although being a founder would be a cool experience to look back on, too much time would be required of us. As a freshman, I have no idea yet how much time I will have available to give to starting and expanding a new chapter, and it would be a less hectic experience if we went to an already established chapter. I wanted a big for this year, because having upperclassmen to guide us would help us feel less lost.

Rushing Theta while still being interested in the other houses would be risky. Theta was only allowed to participate on the first night of rush week because they had their own rush week several weeks later, since they are not an established chapter yet. If we waited until Theta’s rush week, we would have given up any opportunities to be a part of the other houses, and even then, it would not be guaranteed that we would get a bid from Theta.

I am excited to have Kappa Alpha Theta here at mines, but there were too many outstanding questions that arose for me to join.

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