Political Giant

Do you think President Donald Trump is a political giant? Or perhaps you think the Democrats or Republicans are political giants? If so, I think you are dead wrong. The real political giant is politics as a whole, which has become a black hole. Let me explain.

Over a year ago, I started gaining interest in paying attention to and keeping up with politics in America. Though my commitment to this has varied with time, it increased steadily, then shot skyward as the election approached. Now, the time I give to politics is fading a little, but is not completely gone.

But Nick, you should be informed about the political situation in America! I agree, but politics are not politics anymore, but instead a punching contest.

Politics have become a cesspool of famous people making character attacks at each other, and we cheer when the people we agree with succeed. But in this mess, the meaning of politics is lost. Often, the truth is not important anymore, just as long as we think it is on our side, because it feels good to have fact on your side.

There is simply too much information to keep up with in order to be ‘in the know’ in the always running political debate, at least for anyone who makes a living from anything other than being involved in politics. Like a black hole, nothing comes out from all this ‘important’ information always being broadcasted. I admit that I should brush up on my history, but real arguments do not seem to matter anymore. All that matters is that my opponent is a bigot, or has a phobia of something ideologically different than what I believe, or is anti-some-fundamental-sounding-human-right. Show me policy, then we can talk politics.

Feelings have no place in politics, but the ever-lasting existence of them confirms that our government will always be slow to change. Feelings are polarizing and non-constant, and should not be held as a priority in decisions. Feelings are characteristically human, yet what is even more human is being free from a government looking to constrain a population. Paying too much attention to politics, therefore, is dehumanizing, because we constrain ourselves to our government, hoping for something to rally behind.

Oh look, that government official said something I don’t like! Move on. Unless it is related to policy, it is unlikely to affect your life. The day humans start seeking individual independence from government is the day the government will begin caring about the population.


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