Spotlight on Athlete: Elizabeth Tobin

Elizabeth Tomon was nominated for the 2017 Allstate WBCA Good Works Team because of her work with team IMPACT. IMPACT matches children who have life threatening illnesses with a sports team. The women’s basketball team here at Mines is matched with Ella. Tomon is working to bring IMPACT to other varsity athletic teams on the Mines campus. So far, she has helped connect the baseball and swimming team to IMPACT, and is helping the football team get started with this fantastic program. Despite all of her hard work in this process, Tomon remains incredibly humble, sharing how much Mines admin, specifically the athletic department helped her turn this idea into a success.

Grade: Junior

Hometown: Ogdon, Utah

Major: Chemical Engineering

What made you choose Mines?

“I visited and I just really kind of had a feeling that I should be here, it was really weird,” shared Tomon. “Obviously everything is pretty awesome here, but I just kind of felt like it was the right place which is really corny but true.”

What is the biggest challenge being a student athlete?

“Balance,” stated Tomon. “Making sure that you are putting in time outside of practice to improve your game, but also being able to take care of school, and have kind of a social life.” Tomon not only has to make time for school, athletics, and a social life, she also has to allocate a lot of time to her work with team IMPACT.

Role on the team?

Tomon is self-described as “very vocal, very loud” and definitely enthusiastic. She is a big leader on the team, not only leading the team on the court with over 200 points already this season, but leading the varsity athletics community in the team IMPACT program

Pre game traditions?

Tomon listens to the same three songs every time, and she also bikes and stretches to warm up. “We also listen to music in the locker room and talk and goof around to get excited for the game”, shared Tomon.

Post game traditions?

“Whenever we have a home game on a Friday night, we go out to eat with Ella,” said Tomon. “When we lose, I always eat a bag of choclate”, Tomon laughed.

Favorite part about basketball?

For Tomon, basketball is not only a great way to clear her head from the stress of the day, but it also makes her happy. “I could be having a terrible day, and then just go and shoot for an hour, it makes me super happy,” Tomon expressed.

Favorite part about the team?

“Definitely my teammates. We push each other and compete all the time.” In practices, Tomon says that the team is “super aggressive, and we really get after it,” but they are all best friends.

Role Models?

Tomon shared that her dad and Ella are two big role models to her. “My dad makes me a better person just by talking to him about things and going to him for advice.” He has been helping Tomon with her mental game, providing books and other resources for her. Tomon then shared that “Ella has completely changed [her] life. Ella has been through so much and is constantly positive.”

Hobbies besides athletics?

Tomon loves hanging out with friends and watching “Parks and Recreation”. “If I could have an alter ego, it would be Leslie Knope,” shared Tomon. “She encompasses all of my quirks.”

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