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AlphaTraz Kicks off E-Days

On Wednesday, April 19 of E-days, Alpha Phi hosted their annual AlphaTraz fundraising event. Leaders on campus were invited to participate as “jailbirds.” They set their bails and invited friends, club members and teammates to donate money to either bail them out or raise their bail. Since AlphaTraz is one of the first E-Days events,…

Alisha Eskew

B Vitamins

An important part of nutrition and preventing illness is getting the right amount of vitamins and minerals. Eight of the thirteen essential vitamins are B vitamins. They are important for the conversion of food to fuel, brain function, methylation (important for cell energy, growth, and the immune and nervous systems), and the synthesis of many…

Nick Sammons


With the election of Donald Trump as our president, I have heard some people wrongly say that the truth matters now more than ever. Truth and objectivity always matter, even if it goes against the side of the political spectrum you tend to fall on. I define objectivity in this column as equal treatment of…

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