AlphaTraz Kicks off E-Days

On Wednesday, April 19 of E-days, Alpha Phi hosted their annual AlphaTraz fundraising event. Leaders on campus were invited to participate as “jailbirds.” They set their bails and invited friends, club members and teammates to donate money to either bail them out or raise their bail.

Since AlphaTraz is one of the first E-Days events, Beatrice Uy, the Vice President of Alpha Phi’s Campus Affairs and one of the planners for the event, explained, “It is important to E-Days in that it kick starts a great Mines tradition by bringing together so many different groups of people on campus to hang out and raise money for a good cause!”

The event raised over $1700 for cardiac disease research and had over 100 volunteers including all of the members of Alpha Phi, President Paul Johnson, and Doctor Vincent Kuo.

Kuo said, “I think that one of the endearing things about this campus is that everyone seems to be part of the family. So when philanthropic events ask me to help, I always try to help. I think that it builds a community and helps give students that run these events the opportunity to grow as well-rounded people.”

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