Athlete Spotlight: Gokul Natesan

Gokul Natesan is a senior who has helped the men’s basketball team excel to first place RMAC finish this year. He has gained many accolades over the years, notably 2016-2017 RMAC Academic Player of the Year and a second consecutive nomination for the Bevo Francis Award. Natesan finished the regular season with 1210 career points and 230 career steals.

Grade: Senior

Hometown: Santa Clara, CA

Major: MS in Computer Science

What made you choose Mines?

Natesan had two criteria in mind when he chose Mines, “The academic prestige of the university and the sustained success of the basketball program.”

What is the biggest challenge being a student athlete?

While there are many challenges to being a successful student athlete, Natesan feels that “being able to balance a rigorous workload from school and athletic commitments,” provies the largest challenge.

Role on the team?

Natesan tries to lead “through his actions on the court”. However, as a veteran of the basketball program this year, Natesan tries to be more vocal is supporting his teammates in addition to leading by example.

Pre game traditions?

“Before home games, the whole team goes to Table Mountain Inn for lunch,” said Natesan

Favorite part about basketball?

Natesan enjoys not only the competitiveness of the sport, but also the “mental toughness it requires to be successful.”

Favorite part about the team?

“We are a very close group that likes to hangout away from basketball and school,” sai Natesan. “Everyone enjoys being around each other and that chemistry has helped us on the court.” This awesome team dynamic definitely shows through the Orediggers’ first place finish in the RMAC.

Role Models?

Natesan admires his parents as role models.

Hobbies besides athletics?

Natesan likes to relax from school and basketball by playing computer games, including League of Legends.

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