Golden Farmers’ Market Offers Wide Selection

CSM students tired of eating on campus or disheartened by the selection of food at home can add flavor to their weekends by visiting the Golden Farmers’ Market. The event takes place every Saturday (8:00 am to 1:00 pm) starting in July and will continue until Oct. 7 in the parking lot just west of the Golden Library at 10th and Illinois streets. Mines’ students, faculty members, and staff often frequent the market, which is just a quick walk off campus in the direction of Clear Creek.

While vendors display a vast array of fruits and vegetables, the variety of the market provides something for every taste and interest. Small farms sell local peaches, apples, tomatoes, corn, and much more, including several unique varieties of purple bell peppers and orange heirloom tomatoes. Much of the produce is organic and grown in Colorado. Many of the vendors are also happy to provide samples, allow customers to select their own produce, and additionally offer special deals for bulk produce.

Beyond the confines of fruit and vegetables, other vendors have everything from homemade pierogis (Polish dumplings), to freshly baked bread and pastries, to Wisconsin cheese curds and smoked barbeque. There are booths selling refried beans, balsamic vinegar, and flavored honey. Several local wineries and distilleries also set up booths at the market.

Several vendors also sell non-food items, including natural body care products, Colorado-themed clothing and merchandise, pet paraphernalia, and jewelry. In addition to enjoying the selection of booths, many members of the Golden community also use the market as an opportunity to enjoy the summer weather and mingle with friends and acquaintances. The event also offers a rotating “feature” booth and well-behaved dogs are allowed so long as they are kept on leash. Even if one only has a small amount of time to stop by the event, there is something for everyone at the Golden Farmers’ Market.

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