Fall 2017 Career Fair Will Host 280 Companies

The Fall 2017 Career Fair will be the largest in Colorado School of Mines history. An incredible 280 companies are squeezing into every bit of available space in the Student Rec Center—Lockridge balconies, the ping-pong room, and the area next to Subway—to look for exceptional Mines students.

It is also not a coincidence that this Career Fair is the largest ever. Jean Manning-Clark, Director of the Mines Career Center, explained the expansion.

“This year our president had the initiative to make a lot of signature events across campus, and Mines career fair was one of the signature events,” she stated. “His first directive was no more company wait list. So where in the past we have had 40 to 100 companies on the wait list, now we have restructured how we set up the booths so now we can hold more companies.”

Career Fair at Mines is one of the many reasons why it is great to be an Oredigger.

Manning-Clark commented, “Mines has the largest career fair in Colorado and the region. Not just from employer attendance, but also from student attendance.” To complement all the opportunities presented at the Career Fair, there are also all of the information sessions and workshops prior to and following the event to provide students with additional face time with the recruiters.

Additionally, the annual nature of the events provides recruiters the ability to track students’ progress, and students the ability to check up with various companies. Jeremiah Joiner, an undergraduate in engineering physics explained why visiting with the same companies each year is so special.

“It shows recruiters the progress that students can make through their experiences at Mines,” Joiner said. “And I think that is something that is extremely valuable.”

“Career Fair is only possible with the amazing students and the community we foster at Mines,” Manning-Clark commented, “They wouldn’t come if Mines student weren’t incredible. Not only amazing intelligence, but also the good strong work ethic”.

Students who do not quite get that interview or internship can rest assured that there are several other opportunities provided through the school throughout the semester.

“It’s just the first day of a semester full of recruiting events,” explained Manning-Clark. “I encourage all students to jump on Diggernet and check out all the great resources offered to every Mines student.”


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