Women’s Rugby Finishes Season as Conference Champions

What a season thus far it has been for the Women’s Rugby Club! The team has seen massive success on and off the pitch. During regular league play, the group had an impressive four victories and one hard fought tie. Each victory saw a dominating performance from the starting fifteen-woman squad and the reserve players.

Captain Sydney Slouka said, “Our success this season has come from positivity, having tangible goals, and holding each other accountable for that.” What Slouka and team worked toward is evident in their play this season. The lowest point difference that existed in their four victories was 28, while the highest was an astonishing 78 points. They showed they meant business by putting try after try on the scoreboard each and every game.

Their dedication to the sport and each other came to fruition when they faced off against Colorado Mesa (the team’s rival) in the Conference Championship Match. Early in the game Mesa scored- however, this did not deter Mines one bit. In fact, in the next eight minutes of the match, the team proceeded to put twelve points on the board. Then at the twenty-nine minute mark the team began to score like no one’s business. For a solid thirty-two minutes, Mines starved Mesa of the ball and scored 40 points. Despite a last ditch effort by Mesa, the Club finished with a win of 71 to 28.

This victory had the team clinch their first Conference Championship. With such an accomplishment, Slouka looked back to appreciate her teammates. She said, “We simply love spending time together because we can be who we are with each other.” With this team’s compassion and unwavering dedication to each other, there is no question to how much they have achieved and will in future seasons.

As of publication, the team plans to compete in the DII Women’s Rugby National Championship.

photos courtesy of Grace Weber


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