How to survive winter in Colorado

Despite what Punxsutawney Phil the groundhog says, winter will still be in Colorado for a while, with March typically bringing quite a bit of snow. Surviving winter in Colorado can be grueling for anyone, whether you are from another a state or a native Coloradan. Here are some helpful tips and trick to make it through the end of winter at Mines.

Drink lots of fluids

   With all the snow on the ground this one might not seem super obvious, but winter brings really dry air. This means that you can get dehydrated without feeling like you need water. Another important reason to be consuming plenty of fluids is that with winter comes colds and viruses. One of the most important things to get over that cold you’ve been fighting all winter is to drink plenty of water. A water bottle in class is a great option, but some fun options to get extra fluids in are tea, soup, or a cup of hot cocoa for dessert. Something to remember is that both caffeine and alcohol dehydrate you.

Use lotion

   As previously mentioned, the air in the winter gets particularly dry. Skin is the largest organ in the human body, so take care of it! If the winter wind is causing particularly bad damage, invest in some “heavy duty” lotion. One of the best ways to replenish your skin is to sleep with lotion on; overnight your skin will heal and you will wake up feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the day. The “lotion” category also includes sunscreen: just because it is cold doesn’t mean that you can’t get some awful sunburns. This is especially important when there is snow on the ground, because the snow will reflect the light and make sunburns so much worse.

Get outside

   Winter can feel super stuffy, especially when you are trapped indoors. The great thing about Colorado is that for each day of bad weather, there is usually a nice day later. Take advantage of the nice days and go get some fresh air and natural light. A great way to do this is to bundle up and go on a hike or walk and enjoy how beautiful Colorado looks in the winter. Very often, being in fresh air and natural light will make you feel more cheerful: winter isn’t so bad after all!

Stay active

   Even on the days that going outside really isn’t as feasible, it is important to stay active. Getting your blood moving will make you feel more awake and energized. One of the best ways to do this is to go the gym. Choose whatever workout suits you best, but don’t let the cold weather stop you from getting some exercise in. Take winter as an opportunity to try a new kind of workout. Maybe try swimming, one of the Student Rec Center’s classes, or a new strength workout. Staying active in the winter means that you will be prepared for adventure when spring finally hits!

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